viernes, 2 de abril de 2010

VA - Girls Go Ska (1999)

Aki un compilado de bandas ska con vocalistas femeninas, el cual personalmente me gusta mucho...


Destroy - Metro Stylee
Skypager - The Skanksters
Miss Understanding - Ocean 11
Wasted On You - Franceska
I Can't Touch You - Dunia & The Stable Boys
Even When - The Usuals
Read My Lips (What's Mine) - The Steady Ups
Rain From The Sky - The Jumpstarts
Miss Parks - Los Malarians
Don't Step On My Fingers - The Solicitors
Shuffle Your Feet - The Skeptics
Nowhere - Low Pressure
Don't Count - Isaac Green & The Skalars
Robbie Coleman - Skahumbug
Gate Crasher - The Stimulators
Big Guy - SMA
Hot Cat - The Jinkies
Every Step - Dr. Raju
Hey - Viskasity
Worried About You - Mealticket
Skins - Lone Raspberry Listen Listen
Why? - Highball Holiday

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